Fire Door Repair/Installation Services

In the market for Fire Door repair and/or replacement? 

The IDN Inspection Services team wants to discuss your repair project and goals with you! 

We are experts at tailoring a repair plan that will meet all your compliance requirements, while staying within your budget. All IDN installation technicians are ICRA trained. Whether it’s a sterile surgery suite or the busy kitchen, IDN can solve even the most challenging repair and installation problems.

Some large projects need to be divided before they can be conquered. Working in tandem with carpenters or other internal staff at the job site, while we manage the heavy lifting, is a solution IDN specializes in. All of our repair projects include comprehensive reporting that outlines all the repairs conducted by both your team and ours.

IDN uses a proven process to ensure our customers are compliant with all fire door requirements. By beginning with an accurate assessment, we then prescribe and execute the repair plan that works for your business. Our repairs are then verified and at the conclusion of the Safe Door Cycle, your doors will be in “maintenance mode” with predictable amounts of annual maintenance required.


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Safe Door Cycle

  • Assess: Inspections per NFPA 80/101
  • Prescribe: Repairs that last
  • Plan: Execute a repair plan based on your needs
  • Verify: Cohesive Reporting
  • Maintain: Protect Your Investment

We Inspect:

  • Fire doors and frames installed in fire barriers
  • Door assemblies installed in smoke barriers or smoke-tight partitions
  • Door Assemblies installed in suite boundaries
  • Fire and smoke dampers
  • Rolling and sliding fire doors

IDN has been a phenomenal company to work with. They have taken the vendor-customer relationship to the next level by becoming a part of the Medxcel team. Our experience between the two door vendors have been as different as night and day. I am very appreciative of IDN’s transparency and willingness to meet the needs of our campuses.

Kimberley B.  I  Construction Project Manager

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