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IDN Inspection Services understands your company’s life safety compliance needs. 

Accreditation survey windows, budgets, due dates, and life safety drawing changes are all common pressures that companies feel. IDN understands those pressures, which helped shape and develop our inspection offerings. 

IDN Inspection Services looks forward to partnering with you to conquer your compliance requirements. 

Every IDN inspection begins with the inspection report, and its related repair report, which will be available to your AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).  Our goal is to ensure your success by delivering world-class products that exceed expectations and compliance requirements.

The key to a successful inspection is data management.  IDN has developed a unique program to identify, classify, and categorize our discoveries in a transparent, easy-to-understand report.  IDN will then work with your team to budget, plan, and execute your required repairs based on your company’s unique environment.


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We Inspect:

  • Fire Doors and Frames installed in Fire Barriers
  • Door assemblies installed in Smoke Barriers or Smoke Tight Partitions
  • Door assemblies installed in Suite Boundaries
  • Fire and Smoke Dampers
  • Rolling and Sliding Fire Doors

Since IDN is an ANAB certified and ISO 17020 accredited inspection body, all our fire door inspections are conducted with and guided by the highest possible industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do I have to inspect my fire doors every year?

Answer: Yes, Agencies such as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and their accreditation agencies such as The Joint Commission (TJC) require annual fire door inspection as a Condition of Participation (COPS).  Failure to inspect, repair, and document your efforts places your healthcare facility at risk. 


Question: What if my inspection was performed by my facility staff, or by a third party? 

Answer: No Problem, IDN works side by side every day with facility managers to craft a repair plan.  Sometimes, supplying the right hardware is all you need, and in other cases you may require expert installation.  Contact IDN today to start the discussion and let us make your door problems go away.


Question: Why Should I inspect my Suite Entrance doors?

Answer: Doors into and out of healthcare suites are typically high-traffic doors and suffer a lot of damage.  Allow IDN Inspection Services to determine what type of barrier they exist in and inspect them to the appropriate standard.  IDN specializes in ensuring suite doors operate properly and are complaint to all codes.  Maintaining these critical door assemblies keeps your staff happy and safe.


Question: I have automatic doors and they stopped working, can IDN help?

Answer: Absolutely.  IDN has specialty trained and certified technicians on staff, ready to assist you with your automatic door operators.  Call today and ask about our Automatic Door Preventative Maintenance program!

I had the opportunity to review IDN’s 2022 fire door inspection documents for [a hospital] in Kalamazoo, MI.  I found the inspection report to be best in class.  The fact that the report is structured to indicate the risk each door assembly embodies is vital to our operations folks.  This feature allows us to understand where to focus our efforts most effectively.

Jack E. | Director Of Regulatory Compliance

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