This section of our website is provided to help you match common security concerns with solutions in buildings associated with Colleges and Universities. Security concerns are generally categorized in terms of protecting people and property while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements such as fire & life safety, accessibility (ADA), securing laboratories, etc.  This is meant to ensure the security and safety of students, faculty and staff and includes both the exterior and interior of all buildings on campus. The examples shown are a small subset of the overall solution set, but they are representative of the products and services used to enhance security in classrooms, dormitories, assembly halls, and more. 

Main Entrance

  • Is the main entrance restricted, or locked, during school hours?
  • Is staff at the main entrance while students are leaving or entering school at the start and end of a school day to monitor visitors?
  • Is a visitor viewed through an Audio Entry system, and is there communication with the front desk?
  • If a visitor is granted access to the main office, is a name tag or badge provided?
  • Is a metal detector provided to catch any weapons carried by visitors and/or students?
  • Are all teachers equipped with access to the other entrances to use during playground visits?
  • Are the other entrances equipped with access control products where key cards or other similar items are used to access the building?
  • Does each classroom have a means to communicate with the front office?
  • Does the school have a plan in place, and tested, to communicate immediately with parents and staff in case of emergency?


  • Does the facility have combination/locker locks with master key bypass capability?
  • Does the facility retain combination records for each locker lock on-site?

Cabinets & Drawers

  • In a K-12 building, are teacher desks equipped with a lock for storing personal items?
  • Are student records secure?
  • Are science, computer, and other types of labs within the facility locked at all times?
  • In a nurses or health office, are cabinets secure to protect contents within?

Campus Security

  • Does each student, faculty, and staff have their own credential to access classes, buildings, rooms, or dormitories?
  • When providing access credentials to students, faculty, and staff, do you know who has what keys to which buildings during specific periods of time?
  • Has an unauthorized person ever entered a room/building without authorization (i.e. dormitory, lab, computer room)?
  • Do the campus buildings have a system in place to prohibit entry by intruders while still providing emergency egress?
  • Do dormitory rooms provide a safe and secure place to lock & store expensive personal equipment to decrease theft?
  • In the event of an emergency lockdown situation, do areas around campus (i.e. classrooms, gymnasiums, auditoriums, labs, dormitories, offices) provide a secure mechanism to secure students, faculty, or staff within the room while preventing an intruder from entering?
  • In the event of an emergency situation, are rooms able to be locked and secured within ten seconds or less?


  • Are all locks on classroom doors functioning?
  • Are any closets, bathrooms, storage rooms, etc., within the classroom equipped with a functioning lock on the door?
  • Are the locks on the classroom doors equipped with a Classroom Intruder function? (These locks allow a teacher to lock the outside lever without opening the door to the corridor.)
  • Are the doors equipped with access control locks that allow for immediate lock-down from a central point, such as the office?

Perimeter Security

  • During a school day, are video cameras in place to monitor the perimeter of the school?
  • Is someone monitoring the video cameras throughout the day?
  • Are there additional doors within the building that are always locked from the outside, but available to exit in case of emergency?
  • Are these perimeter doors monitored by staff to see if they are closed and locked from the outside at all times, yet still open for free exit only egress?
  • Are the doors in assembly spaces (i.e. Cafeterias, Library, Gymnasium, Auditorium) equipped with panic hardware or fire exit hardware?
  • Are the locks on the doors in assembly spaces functioning?
  • Are doors in assembly spaces equipped with electric latch retraction to allow for immediate lock-down?

ADA Compliance

  • Are doors equipped with a handicap accessible equipment?
  • Are doors able to be opened and closed easily while complying with ADA regulations?

Complementary Items

  • Are emergency buttons positioned throughout the school or campus to contact authorities should an emergency situation arise?
  • In case of power loss, are doors equipped with an illumination option to view exits when smoke is in the hallway?
  • Are bathrooms equipped with products such as hand dryers or bathroom partitions in working order?
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