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Jul 20
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The Yale Accentra™ Multi-Family Solution combines smart locks with intuitive cloud-based software for easy and convenient access management of multi-family properties in a single system. Access updates can be instantly applied using the mobile access app or an online updater for physical credentials. Avoid the hassles and costs that come with wiring every door or managing access with keys while making your property a more secure, convenient, and attractive place to live. Now, with mobile credentials, it has never been easier to provide secure and convenient access to residents. 

Manage access rights for residents, guests, and employees

  • Manage access rights from any internet-enabled device from anywhere with Yale Accentra cloud-based multifamily software.

  • Access permissions are enabled instantly.

  • Residents, visitors, and staff are granted schedule based access to authorized openings.

The Yale Accentra Mobile Access Experience

New and updated access rights are instantly applied with the Yale Accentra Access App

  • Mobile access is available for all residents, visitors, and staff through the Yale Accentra Access App.

  • Users download the Yale Accentra Access App, link their mobile device, and begin accessing authorized doors.

  • Cell service or WiFi is not required when using the mobile credential.

  • Dynamic in-app instructions make access quick and easy.



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