LCN 4040XP Series Heavy-Duty Surface-Mounted Closer

LCN 4040XP Series Heavy-Duty Surface-Mounted Closer

LCN 4040XP Series Heavy-Duty Surface-Mounted Closer

Aug 29


The LCN 4040XP Series are door closers that meet ADA requirements, UL and cUL listing conditions for self-closing doors without hold. They're tested and certified under the ANSI Standards A156.4, Grade 1 for use on labeled fire doors, durable and built to high standards. This heavy-duty closer is LCN’s most durable surface-mounted closer, designed for the most demanding applications.


Ease of Installation and Adjustment

  • Tight tolerances in manufacturing for accuracy and precision
  • Peel-n-stick template for quick and accurate installation
  • Updated! LCN Green Dial to take the guesswork out of spring power adjustments
  • New! Patent-pending positive stop to improve staking and prevent the screw from being backed out
  • New! Patent-pending regulation valve indicators that add a visual reference for screw adjustment location
  • New! Labeled regulation valves and diagram of door swing to make adjustments faster, easier and consistent

Quality and Durability

  • Cast iron cylinder for rugged performance, longer life and maximum control
  • Single-piece, heat-treated forged steel arms to withstand bending and breaking
  • Heat-treated 1-1/2" diameter piston for extra hardiness and strength
  • Double heat-treated steel pinion with 11/16” journal diameter for greater wear-resistance
  • Full complement bearings with minimum 0.5” height that wear more evenly and are less susceptible to leakage
  • All-weather Liquid X fluid for consistent performance through every season, regardless of temperature changes
  • Independent speed adjustments for greater door control
  • Non-PRV (pressure relief valve) design to minimize risk of property damage, injury, increased maintenance and liability exposure
  • Updated! Redesigned snap-fit cover with patent-pending retention fit
  • Powder coat finish that lasts longer than spray lacquer
  • 30-year warranty 


  • Universal non-handed design that enables it to fit more applications with a single product
  • Full ranges of mount and arm options, including hinge pull side, push side top jamb and push side parallel arm
  • Adjustable spring sizes 1-6





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