From Key to Cloud: The Next Step For Interchangeable Core Technology

From Key to Cloud: The Next Step For Interchangeable Core Technology

From Key to Cloud: The Next Step For Interchangeable Core Technology

Nov 9

BEST: SWITCH™ TECH Interchangeable Access Control Cores 



BEST Interchangeable Cores: A Brief History

The genesis of the Interchangeable Core (IC) technology dates back to the early 20th century, with Frank E. Best, the founder of Best Access Systems. His vision was to create a lock system that could be rekeyed without disassembling the lock, thus saving time and resources, especially in institutional and commercial settings.

Over the decades, the IC technology became a go to feature in the security industry. Its ability to provide robust security while facilitating easy rekeying made it a preferred choice in various sectors including educational, healthcare, and commercial establishments.

The enitre security industry is currently apart of a transformative journey, from traditional lock and key systems to modern, digitally controlled, access mechanisms. A central part of this evolution is the Interchangeable Core (IC) technology. This technology embodies a blend of historical lock mechanisms and modern security requirements. The shift from analog to digital in IC technology is not merely a change in operational modality; it's a significant stride toward redefining security hardware.

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From Analog To Digital

The analog version of Interchangeable Core technology represented a noteworthy advance in enhancing flexibility and security administration. However, as the digital wave sweeps across various sectors, transitioning to electronic access control within the IC realm emerges as a logical progression. The fundamental attributes of IC—ease of rekeying and robust security—now merge with digital advancements, evolving into a sophisticated access control ecosystem.

In the digital iteration, the modernized IC morphs into a hub of access control, harmonizing effortlessly with various security protocols and systems. The fusion of cloud computing, mobile authentication, and real-time monitoring endows the modern IC with a level of functionality and oversight that was previously unattainable.

The shift to digital alleviates the administrative burdens traditionally associated with security management. What once required manual rekeying now entails a few digital commands. The modern IC, integrated with access control systems, simplifies the administration of access privileges, making it a less tedious and more precise endeavor.

BEST: SWITCH™ TECH - An Introduction To A New Normal



  • Battery Status monitoring / reporting
  • Battery change detection
  • Battery replacement from exterior
  • Capacitive touch wake-up
  • Secure electronics encased in hardened stainless steel
  • Fail secure for low / dead battery
  • Automatic time adjustments
  • Firmware updates via secure bluetooth communication


  • High strength stainless steel construction 
  • No exposed screws or fasteners 
  • Battery cap with true architectural finish
  • Tabbed knob design for easier use
  • Mechanical installation without special tools 
  • Meets BHMA 156.2 Grade 1 standards for face and vertical impact
  • Meets BHMA 156.5 drill resistance standard
  • Free spinning knob when not in use - enhances tamper and vandalism resistance
  • Free spinning knob when not in use - enhances tamper and vandalism resistance

Access Control 

  • Subscription - based credentials can be assigned and reassigned via primary ACS
  • Text and email notifications for a variety of events including low battery and system updates
  • Admin control over firmware updates via Switch Deck cloud 
  • Up to 30 holidays and 16 Holiday types 
  • Compatible with multiple door modes 
  • Admin override of door mode
  • Optional two - factor authentication with smartphones (Pin or on - device biometric)
  • Minimal configuration and data of core - most access control data managed on credentials (less touring / updating)


With BEST's introduction of its SWITCH™ TECH, the need for new analog locking systems has become obsolete. BEST has formulated a product that facilitates the transition from mechanical to electronic access control, which is crucial for modernizing legacy systems. This shift can rejuvenate outdated security infrastructures without necessitating a full-scale replacement. The technology facilitates easy addition of access to any existing small format interchangeable core application, allowing for instantaneous, secure management of all users.​ It has also been rigorously tested as it's crafted to surpass the BHMA Grade 1 impact test, ensuring it remains impervious to potential security breaches.


SWITCH™ TECH is engineered for a hassle-free transition from traditional interchangeable cores to a more sophisticated electronic access control system. The installation process is a breeze—simply slide out the old core and replace it with a Switch core, with no need for additional hardware or wiring. The scalable nature of Switch Tech makes it a versatile choice for a wide spectrum of facilities. Whether it is to secure a single door, a series of doors, or an entire facility, this technology can be deployed and scaled up based on the unique requirements. By allowing incremental upgrades to security systems, it can keep in alignment with operational needs, making it an effective solution for both small and large enterprises​​.

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All of this comes at no loss of security as well. Switch Tech facilitates centralized management of electronic door credentials and maintenance of audit logs through existing access control software or a Switch Bridge paired with the Switch Deck Cloud. The introduction of electronic access control only enhances security features like two-factor authentication and centralized access management. These features not only bolster security but also provide a more granular level of control over access permissions. The ability to maintain audit logs and leverage data analytics for evaluating access patterns can be instrumental in preempting security threats and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. This data-driven approach to security management is poised to become a standard in the industry. 


It is also important to remember its ease of use, The seamless integration of mobile technology within access control systems underscores a move towards more user-friendly and accessible security solutions. The technology supports both fob and smartphone access through a secure Bluetooth protocol. It even enables the deployment of two-factor identification through a pin or biometric ID for enhanced security. By leveraging LEGIC’s Security Platform, Switch Tech provides a user-friendly, modern interface for access control, thus aligning with the digital habits of the modern workforce

A Glimpse into the Future

Adopting the modernized IC is synonymous with future-proofing security investments. As the security landscape evolves, clinging to outdated systems could be detrimental. The modern IC, with its digital enhancements, ensures that facilities remain ahead of the curve, ready to adapt to emerging security challenges.

At the end of the day, the modernization of the Interchangeable Core from analog to digital access control is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a pivotal shift propelling the security hardware industry into a new era of innovation and reliability. The modernization of IC is a testament to the industry’s steadfast pursuit of excellence and a glimpse into the innovative horizon.














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