Difference Between High and Low Energy Door Operators

Difference Between High and Low Energy Door Operators

Dec 31
Ask the Door Guys | Ask the Experts Question: What is the difference between a high energy door operator and a low energy door operator?   Answer: There are several notable differences between full and low energy door operators. One major difference is the force that the operator uses to open the door. Full energy is typically used in high traffic areas where the doors must open quickly, whereas low energy operators are used in more low traffic areas where automation is the prime concern. Furthermore, full energy systems use a variety of sensors, including safety sensors so that the fast moving doors will detect a pedestrian that is in the swing path and stop motion before impact. Low energy systems do not require sensors and should not have enough force to do bodily harm to a pedestrian. Lastly, low energy operators do not require any special training to install. Full energy operators and sensors should be serviced and installed by AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) certified technicians to insure that they are working correctly and every step has been taken to prevent injury to pedestrians. In addition to a broad offering of product and service solutions, IDN offers pre-sale and post-sale technical support.  The benefit to you is that we make security simple.  Whether your task is related to high-security systems, electronic access control, door installation, or other, our experts are here to assist.  Just let us know how we can help. Do you have a question, or need a quote? Contact your local IDN Branch, or ask the Door Guy through our website. © Copyright IDN, Inc.

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