Bobrick Dispenser Key Blank Question

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Bobrick Dispenser Key Blank Question

May 11
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A customer brought in three key blanks. Two were from Bobrick dispensers. The first key had CAT74 stamped on it, and the second key had CAT118 stamped on it. What blank do these use? The third key had Bradley embossed on it with a code 2055 stamped on it. The third key was a double sided key. What blank could this be?



The Bobrick dispensers with the codes CAT74 and CAT118 use the Ilco S1000V or the CCL 5865-JVR. The Bradley double sided key with the code 2055 uses the Chicago DK4 or the Ilco 1041G, also known as CG1. Contact your local IDN-Branch for details.



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