Air Pressure in Stairwell Door Closer Solution

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Air Pressure in Stairwell Door Closer Solution

Sep 19
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I have a stairwell door that won't shut on the 15th floor of a high-rise building due to the air pressure in the stairwell. The current door closer brings the door to the jamb, but won't latch it closed all the way. What do you suggest?



The problem you're dealing with here is positive air room pressure resulting from both/either an aggressive air-conditioning or central heating system and/or  from air pressure the wind applies to windows in rooms at higher altitudes.

Finding a power door operator to close doors in this situation will require something heavy-duty enough to deal with the increased weight of a heavier door, as well as the additional air pressure working against its closing. The record (formerly Entrematic) automatic operator with a heavy duty operator could work. Depending on how strong the air pressure, it may need to be factory ordered.


Adding in a bottom louver could possibly help alleviate bottom air pressure as well. 





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